ATLANTA - To meet the increased expectations of building occupants, designers must be aware of conflicts between first-cost economics, productivity, and life cycle costs, according to a speaker at ASHRAE’s upcoming satellite broadcast on the indoor environment. “Buildings that do not meet the needs of the occupants often result in expensive redesign,” said Dan Int-Hout, a panelist. “I will share common sense ideas to help engineers meet these conflicting needs.”

Registration is now open at for the free April 18 satellite broadcast and Webcast, “Indoor Environmental Design: Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems.” The program, which takes place from 1-4 p.m. EDT, is designed to provide solutions to the everyday challenges of achieving indoor environmental quality within real-world budget constraints.

Presenter Hoy Bohanon said that, “Recent changes in ventilation standards may be perceived as making the design more complex. The standards now contain important tools that can be used to guide engineers in making their designs more sustainable. My presentation offers three keys to sustainable ventilation system design that will improve your systems and help you avoid common mistakes.”

Bill Coad, president of Coad Engineering Enterprises, St. Louis, and past ASHRAE president, will present the program’s purpose and scope and introduce the following panel of experts:

• Bohanon, owner and consultant, Bohanon Engineering, PLLC, Winston-Salem, N.C. – “Ventilation Systems: Avoiding Common Mistakes by Using Three Keys for Sustainable Design”

• Lew Harriman, director of research, Mason-Grant, Portsmouth, N.H. – “Ventilation Air: First, Do No Harm”

• Int-Hout, chief engineer, Krueger-HVAC, Richardson, Texas – “Noise, IAQ and Thermal Comfort – Can You Have It All?”

• Chris Muller, technical director, Purafil Inc., Doraville, Ga. – “Behind the Access Door – Advances in Affordable Filtration for IAQ”

Online registration is open for satellite broadcast site coordinators and Webcast participants at For more information, e-mail or call 678-539-1139.

Publication date:03/12/2007