The staff at Wrightsoft celebrates 20 years of hard work and accomplishment. (Click on the image for an enlarged view.)
LEXINGTON, Mass. - Wrightsoft, a software company, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Among many accomplishments, the company has continued to contribute to the HVAC industry with multiple software programs. Not only does Wrightsoft continue to offer a fully automated HVAC design and sales program for both residential and commercial markets, the company also offers the ability to customize a Right-Suiteâ„¢ based on the specific needs of the user, combining up to 10 residential or five commercial modules. Right-Suiteâ„¢ is driven by hotlinkâ„¢ technology, which formulates the program to act as a live model where any changes made by the user are instantly recognized throughout each of the connected modules within the suite.

"After 20 years, our steadfast commitment of automating the design and sales process to assist the HVAC professional to work more efficiently is unchanged," said Chris Edgren, vice president of sales and marketing, Wrightsoft. "We were the first software provider to directly link our product to Florida's residential energy code program, and now we have successfully completed the same thing with REScheckâ„¢ and REM/Rateâ„¢. Our product's automation streamlines the process and eliminates the need to enter the same information multiple times in different programs."

"We are very pleased and proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary," commented Bill Wright. "We believe that our dedication has led the industry toward better system design, through the use of computers in business. We appreciate the support from our customers, and look forward to what the next 20 years will bring.

Publication date: 11/06/2006