PORTLAND, Ore. - Axial Vectorâ„¢ Engine Corp. (AVEC) announced that the company has filed a patent on its generator/motor assembly. The filing covers the company's new generator and electric motor development related to permanent magnet technology and novel stators and coils in its axial flux coreless designs. According to AVEC, the advanced integrated technology allows both its generators and motors of all sizes - milliwatts to megawatts - to achieve efficiencies that equal or exceed 98 percent.

The design is based on new technologies that provide the generators and motors with high power density and with features such as scalability, flexibility of output, and built-in customer-specific characteristics. The specially developed windings enhance the creation of pure sine waves while reducing the harmonic interference and contribute to required voltages when used in a generator configuration and torque versus speed characteristics when used in an electric motor configuration.

The patent further seeks to protect AVEC developed inverters and other related electrical system equipment that maximizes system efficiency.

Dr. Raymond Brouzes, president and CEO of AVEC, stated, "We are pleased to announce the filing of this important new patent adding to our family of power generation and power utilization applications. We expect these developments to be an important leap forward in energy savings in electric generators and motors."

The generator will be used in conjunction with the Axial Vector Engine, such as Workhorse 7.1, to create an efficient GENSET system source of prime power, distributed power, standby power, and portable power. The smaller size of the electric motor will be used in a variety of applications including the reduction of electricity consumption in compressor motors for refrigerators and air conditioning units.

The Axial Vector GENSET, which combines the engine and generator, will be featured at the International PowerGen Show in Orlando, Fla., in late November 2006.

For more information, visit www.axialvectorengine.com.

Publication date: 10/09/2006