JERICHO, N.Y. - bioMETRX Inc. announced that it has acquired a patent that encompasses biometric security for thermostats and HVAC controllers. According to bioMETRX, it is the first company to develop several consumer finger activated products sold under the smartTOUCH brand. Its third product, the smartSTAT™ thermostat, uses finger activated technology to prevent unauthorized changes in temperature settings.

"The company continues to build and strengthen its intellectual property portfolio while continuing to develop new and exciting products designed to enhance consumer lifestyles. We developed a fully programmable, Energy Star® efficient thermostat called smartSTAT to address the common problem of unauthorized changes in temperature settings by children, tenants, restaurant employees and patrons, and store employees," stated Mark Basile, CEO of bioMETRX.

The smartSTAT thermostat allows building and small business owners complete control over access and authorization to change temperature settings. The smartSTAT is a direct replacement for existing thermostats and can authorize up to 20 multi-level users. The smartSTAT thermostat is expected to sell for $189.99. The patent acquisition now allows the company to commence distribution of the smartSTAT.

The patent covers all forms of biometric technology that can be used to limit access to, and/or control temperature settings of a thermostat or other HVAC controller. "The patent clearly protects our smartSTAT product which we believe will make a significant impact on homeowners and businesses by reducing energy costs associated with unauthorized usage," said Basile.

"The smartSTAT thermostat is really a revolutionary product, and is the first biometrics based product that will actually save businesses and homeowners money. Right now, to convert a business's HVAC system into a centrally controlled computerized one costs thousands of dollars. Our product is designed to simply replace the existing thermostat," noted Lorraine Yarde, COO of bioMETRX. "We expect this product to be the newest, single most effective product in the HVAC world that will save its owner on energy costs."

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Publication date:03/26/2007