Editor's note: This article was reprinted with permission from the Melissa Data Marketing Advisor.

Creating want and converting that insatiable desire into an unfulfilled need that absolutely must be satisfied right now is the challenge of direct marketing.

On a subconscious level, whenever you extend an offer to a prospect, or to a key client, you are competing for their expendable income and trying to convince them that it is in their best interest to make this unplanned purchase ... even if it makes perfect sense logically.

As a persuasive direct marketing copywriter, your task is simple: get their attention and convince them that they must possess the benefits and value of your product or service. Make them feel good about a smart buying decision. How do you get on the same wavelength as your prospect? Another easy task.

  • Help them avoid danger and move toward safety.

  • Address their fear of losing out and the possibility of gain.

  • Employ ethical autosuggestion techniques and embedded commands in your copy to help them make an informed buying decision. Listen to the Transition Lenses TV commercial.

  • Use key magical words: Because... Their Name... Now... Please... Thank you... Don't... There is a long list of transformational, very powerful trigger words.

  • Focus on making a real connection with a human being through the mail. Someone you do not know and will never meet, but whose life will somehow be better as a result of what you are offering them.

    What are some of those core desires that drive our wants? There are about 25 things that humans want, and will do just about anything to acquire. Start by researching Dr. Steven Reiss's work on the subject. Among the 25 desires are: power, romance, sex, honor, acceptance, tranquility, and order. Learn how to satisfy all of them.

    How does your product address their desires? For example:

    "Our remote network management services will improve your golf score - because you'll have more time to spend on the golf course, and a better score means prestige and bragging rights."

    Of course, before you can enter your market to make a smart purchase decision, a little self-hypnosis before penning a sales letter will put you in tune with your prospects.

    As you envision your prospect reading the letter, contemplating a decision and leaping to the phone or your Website, ask yourself if you would buy the product you are selling, and does the selling model you are imposing on your prospect even remotely match the prospect's reality.

    Publication date: 10/09/2006