ATLANTA, Ga.  Rheem released its fifth annual Sustainability Progress Report highlighting advancements in the ongoing global initiative, A Greater Degree of Good

“Rheem’s commitment to excellence has propelled us – and our industry – forward,” said Chee Wee Gan, senior vice president, strategy and sustainability, Rheem. “Environmental initiatives will continue to be the guiding force in everything we do.”

The newly released report showcases Rheem’s progress within multiple focus areas.

Designing and Manufacturing Intelligent Products

Rheem has made significant strides toward the goal of introducing heating, cooling and water heating products that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As of 2023, Rheem avoided 31.95M metric tons of CO2e through the sale of its higher efficiency products over the last four years.

The 2023 initiatives include studying the environmental impacts of products through lifecycle analysis, from materials sourcing, manufacturing and end of life. Specifically, gathering data driven insights on the environmental footprint of heat pump water heaters compared to other products.

Additional efforts include succeeding in the US Department of Energy’s Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge, as well as the formation of the Sustainable Packaging Task Force and continued partnership with ENERGY STAR to designate energy-efficient offerings.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Rheem’s global manufacturing facilities continue to prioritize Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) and responsible manufacturing processes across all sites.

  • Rheem’s North American plants have reduced 720 metric tons of CO2e emissions since the formation of the Energy Management Program in mid-2022.
  • Sites around the world implemented multiple tactics for their specific needs such as conducting compressed air leaks, installing solar panels, upgrading systems and improving energy efficiency to further reduce GHG emissions.
  • By the end of 2023, 76% of Rheem’s manufacturing plants qualified as ZWTL.

Training Trade Partners

Rheem's trade partners across the globe play a critical role in improving Rheem’s collective impact on the environment. In 2022, Rheem achieved its 2025 goal by training 250,000 plumbers, contractors, and influencers on sustainability practices. Rheem had more than 170,000 additional training participants in 2023, a 55% increase in trainings hosted since 2022.

The opening of new Innovation Learning Center (ILC) facilities in Utrecht, Netherlands, and Fort Smith, Arkansas, boosted Rheem’s global ILC count to 24 facilities, furthering these efforts. In addition, 2023 saw the development of a sustainability training e-learning course for global employees.

Since the program’s inception in 2019, Rheem has proactively implemented an array of environmentally focused programs and solutions in North America and abroad. Comprehensive updates on Rheem’s A Greater Degree of Good efforts are provided annually in Rheem’s Sustainability Progress Report at