CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Carrier has launched Carrier Cooling-as-a-Service, a portfolio of solutions to help commercial customers simplify the operation of HVAC and other thermal or systems while meeting the challenges of the modern energy transition. Carrier is part of Carrier Global Corp.

Carrier Cooling-as-a-Service allows customers to contract for long-term performance and predictable payments rather than incurring an up-front capital cost for system or equipment purchases. The new financial model allows customers to focus on their core businesses while relying on Carrier for comfort and operational efficiency, a Carrier press release said.

With Carrier Cooling-as-a-Service, customers can benefit from bundled solutions while minimizing the need to invest their own capital. Carrier’s design, engineering, and project-development teams become responsible for the project lifecycle — from system design to performance assessments and ongoing operations and maintenance — including achievement of key performance indicators, the press release said.

The Carrier Cooling-as-a-Service portfolio trades traditional heating and cooling models that require significant upfront expense for a subscription or service model.

“This marks a foundational shift from providing heating, cooling, and energy systems to providing desired outcomes,” said Mead Rusert, Carrier’s vice president for building technologies, commercial HVAC. “With contracts that cover heating and cooling performance, energy usage, sustainability, and infrastructure, customers can count on Carrier’s expertise to provide optimized building system performance and support to meet the needs of your business.”