BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Refrigerant management company A-Gas is expanding its nationwide service offerings to the Salt Lake City, Utah, area. This expansion will provide local contractors, businesses, and others in HVACR with quick and easy refrigerant gas cylinder swaps through the A-Gas Rapid Exchange program, in addition to the existing Rapid Recovery service, a press release from A-Gas said.

“Rapid Exchange provides a simple way for contractors and HVACR professionals to trade their used refrigerant gases for new cylinders for zero fees, all while bolstering their bottom line with A-Gas’ generous immediate buy-back program,” said Dallin King, the A-Gas field service manager for the Salt Lake City area.

Because Rapid Exchange sites are localized, there are never any shipping fees for used refrigerants — just free local cylinder swaps. More important now than ever before with counterfeit recovery cylinders entering the market, Rapid Exchange provides customers with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)-certified refrigerant recovery cylinders, facilitating safe refrigerant recovery and transport.

In addition, those looking to sell their used refrigerants need not worry about buy-back reductions because of mixed refrigerants or normal oil, moisture, acid (burnout), or particulate quantities. A-Gas offers competitive buyback pricing for all properly recovered refrigerant cylinders, the company said.

Salt Lake City’s Rapid Exchange and Rapid Recovery location offers services across the greater Salt Lake City area to support businesses of all sizes, from small contractors to regional grocery stores. After A-Gas Rapid Exchange swaps a customer’s full recovery tanks for empty tanks, the recovered refrigerant is sent to an A-Gas facility to be reclaimed back to AHRI-700 specifications and then re-enters the supply chain, contributing to the circular economy.

“By bringing these essential services to Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, we are helping contractors incorporate sustainable business practices in their day-to-day operations,” says Kimberly Ortwine, territory account manager for A-Gas. “Our Rapid Exchange and Rapid Recovery services provide all businesses and HVACR contractors the opportunity to generate an additional stream of revenue for the gases they safely recover. This not only incentivizes safe recovery practices but also strengthens the local economy.”

As a modern refrigerant reclaimer, A-Gas is focused on environmental stewardship through the lifecycle management of refrigerant gases, the company said. A-Gas manages the full lifecycle of refrigerants, from recovery, reclamation, and re-entry into the market to refrigerant destruction services for when gases are at the end of their useful life.

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