SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Contractor University, powered by EGIA, announced new plans to significantly expand its collection of on-demand training resources for contracting businesses and their employees. Additionally, Contractor University will be taking its business training on the road this fall to deliver high-value workshops in five major U.S. cities. 

The new online-based training content will begin with the release of a comprehensive on-demand learning management system (LMS) course on sales management during the month of May. This new course will feature 34 individual video segments that together equate to over 10 hours of deep-dive training instruction on how to build, manage, and maintain a high-performing sales department within modern home services businesses. 

Following the release of the sales management online course in May, Contractor University will launch its Seizing the Summer 2023 series on June 5. Seizing the Summer 2023, the third annual summertime training series from Contractor University, will run for 14 consecutive weeks and deliver weekly 20- to 30-minute training video segments from Contractor University’s trainers and business coaches. Each weekly segment will focus on specific topics related to overcoming the most common challenges of the summer busy season and/or how contracting businesses can fully capitalize on all of the opportunities the summer brings. 

Three additional online LMS courses will be added to the Contractor University platform in September: In-Home Sales 2.0 - Execution: An Evidence-Based Process to Educate Homeowners for Optimum Experiences and Maximum Results (releasing September 2023); In-Home Sales 3.0 - Elevation: Skills and Strategies to Elevate the Consumer Buying Experience and Accelerate Sales Performance (releasing October 2023); and Design Principles for Residential Comfort Advisors (releasing November 2023). Each of these three courses, along with the new Sales Management course releasing in May and the existing In-Home Sales 1.0 course currently on the Contractor University platform, will fully round out the planned on-demand sales training curriculum for Contractor University members at 

“With the addition of these new online courses and Seizing the Summer, Contractor University members will continue to receive a steady flow of cutting-edge instruction on how to optimize their business practices within today’s evolving marketplace” said Bruce Matulich, CEO, EGIA. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with some of the industry’s top experts and educators to deliver this fresh new content that will help our member businesses thrive.” 

Last but not least, in addition to adding substantial new on-demand training content, Contractor University will be offering five major on-site training events this fall, providing contractors with the opportunity to interact with Contractor University’s faculty members and trainers in person as well as network and share ideas with other fellow contractors in attendance. 

The five in-person events include: Oct. 3-5 in Cincinnati, Ohio, How to Become the Best Salesperson: 3-Day Sales Boot Camp with Weldon Long, Drew Cameron, and Russ Horrocks; Oct. 11-13 in Dallas, Marketing Branding and Lead Generation Bootcamp with Gary Elekes and Drew Cameron; Oct. 24-26 in San Antonio, Company Planning & Budgeting Bootcamp with James Leichter; Nov. 7-9 in San Diego, Success Week Bootcamp: Financial & Company Planning with Gary Elekes; and Dec. 5-7 in Orlando, Florida, Success Week Bootcamp: Financial & Company Planning with Gary Elekes. 

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