ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Air Conditioning Contractors of America Educational Institute (ACCA-EI) Standards Task Team (STT) announces an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) public review period for proposed revisions to ANSI/ACCA 10 Manual SPS-2010 (RA 2017), HVAC Design for Swimming Pools and Spas.

The 30-day ANSI public review period will end May 14. The proposed revisions are to update coverage based on Pool and Hot Tub Alliance recommendations.

To obtain a red-line review draft of the proposed revisions, please send a request to David Bixby, ACCA’s manager of codes & standards, at A copy of the entire manual can be purchased on the ACCA website at
 Manual SPS covers the design and installation of HVAC systems that serve natatoriums or any enclosed space that has a spa, swimming pool, decorative pool, or immersion tub, except for indoor water parks. The standard provides requirements for the design of the HVAC system to continuously control the dew point temperature and air temperature of the enclosed space and to provide ventilation air to address indoor air quality related to materials and occupants.

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