ESCO Group’s National HVACR Education Conference will take place March 20-22, 2023 at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This annual HVACR industry event will include seminars covering many of the hot topics today, including flammable refrigerants, electronic technology, equipment tied to the cloud, efficiency ratings, mini-split systems, and new codes.

The conference provides a venue that allows attendees to get information directly from those involved in the design, engineering, development, and manufacturing of new equipment, controls, refrigerants, as well as other industry leaders who are at the forefront of regulations, emerging technologies, and the important changes affect how HVACR professionals perform their jobs.

The conference will provide an opportunity to:

  • Learn about new and emerging technologies;
  • Get answers from, and be inspired by industry leaders;
  • Exchange ideas with industry peers; and
  • Gain a better understanding of the future of the HVACR industry.

One of the sessions, “Get Heat Pump Ready with the Dept. of Energy,” features speakers, Alex Rees of the United States Department of Energy (DOE) along with Charles Degan, Christian Valoria, and Jamie Kono of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). During this session, attendees will learn about the DOE programs and research on heat pumps, including the cold climate heat pump challenge, a database of extended heat pump performance data, and a decision tool to help guide contractors through sizing and selecting a cold climate heat pump. 

Another session, entitled “Low-GWP Refrigerants and What the Workforce Needs to Know,” will feature members of AHRI’s Safe Refrigerant Transition Task Force, who will offer insights into the requirements of working with the next generation of refrigerants.

An adjacent exposition will feature prominent companies in the HVACR industry. To register for the event, visit here.