Company: Trane

Product: Precedent Rooftop Units

Description: The Precedent® Heat Pump Packaged Rooftop Units (12.5-25 tons) line with a new hybrid, dual fuel option now includes 3-to-25-ton light commercial packaged rooftop heat pumps units and the addition of a new 25-ton capacity. Precedent rooftops meet DOE 2023 efficiency requirements and feature a host of upgrades, including the new Symbio® 700 controller that optimizes performance, improves serviceability, and provides unit connectivity. Precedent Heat Pump Packaged Rooftop Units are ideal for companies motivated to meet their decarbonization goals or local electrification mandates. Building owners in traditional gas-only geographies can now enjoy the benefits of dual fuel heat pump technology. The electric heat pump serves as the primary heating source, while natural gas is activated as needed. Hybrid heat pumps overcome the geographic challenges that traditional heat pumps encounter in keeping building occupants comfortable in cold climates. Precedent dual fuel heat pumps provide a means to meet electrification initiatives while ensuring comfort even in the most extreme temperatures.  

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