ST. PAUL, Minn. — Nexstar Network has spent 30 years helping its members in the residential plumbing, HVAC, and electrical businesses. The company’s commitment to its 1,000-plus members carries on into the new year with the evolution of new mission and vision statements, redefined to articulate the organization’s purpose and passion.

“Our members are the best in the home services industry, which is poised for hyper growth,” said Julian Scadden, Nexstar Network president and CEO. “Nexstar’s purpose is to continue to support our membership as they grow their businesses, fuel their local economies, and support their communities. In 2022, we celebrated 30 years of our members’ profound impact and took a thoughtful look at shaping an even brighter future.”

Scadden explained that Nexstar’s new mission and vision statements strengthen the organization’s collective membership and the PHCE home services industry without losing sight of its “member first” philosophy.

New Nexstar mission: To turn the world’s best tradespeople into the world’s best businesspeople.

This mission harkens back to the spirit of the company’s founding.

“We are member-owned; that’s why we’ve continued to be a trusted industry resource for more than 30 years,” explained Scadden. “Our founder and visionary, Frank Blau Jr., gathered his peers to establish Nexstar in 1992. At our core, everything we do to serve our members helps them discover success through education and sharing. We are excited to rally around that founding principle and support our members — the pride of the trades — as they evolve into the world’s best businesspeople.”

Nexstar’s vision has been refined to tangibly measure industry impact, explained Scadden. 

New Nexstar Vision: We will advance the careers of 250,000 member employees through direct training and coaching by 2027.

“The new vision has a stretch metric and we couldn’t be more excited to set our sights on this goal,” said Brian Williams, Nexstar member and chairman of Nexstar’s Board of Directors, who was involved in the evolution of the new mission and vision statements. “If we get anywhere near our 250,000 goal, we will be extremely proud. If we achieve that number and can create meaningful impact by helping to advance the careers of our members’ employees, we will create lasting change in the industry.”

Scadden emphasized that in coming years, member engagement and participation will continue to be factors of maintaining Nexstar membership and measuring impact.

“We know the more engaged our members are, the more successful they are," he added.

A nine-year Nexstar employee, Scadden held positions as an implementation coach, leader of the Training and Events Department as well as serving as VP of operations before being named president and CEO in 2020 when he replaced founding CEO and Nexstar Leadership Coach Jack Tester. During his tenure, Scadden continues to lead Nexstar Network through accelerated growth in a hyper growth industry.