GRAPEVINE, Texas — Network Thermostat has announced the availability of a new iPhone app for controlling its Net/X Wi-Fi and Ethernet communicating thermostats. With the app the company said the end user can control an almost limitless number of thermostats anywhere in a home or business, or anywhere in the world, to adjust heating, air conditioning, fan modes, vacation schedules, override programmed schedules, and more.

Because the Net/X Wi-Fi units and IP units are LAN-connected thermostats, secure connection and control can occur from anywhere inside the home or business, and connection from the Internet if the user is not at the thermostat’s location. Controlling multiple thermostats is as easy as controlling one, said the company. Users have multiple options of using the free Internet-based Net/X Remote Device login tool, free Net/X Device Explorer tool for on-site LANs (both tools will list all of the users' thermostats), and the free Enterprise-Class Net/X Command Center software for drag-and-drop scheduling and control of multiple thermostats.

The Net/X thermostats have universal equipment control for conventional gas/electric, heat pump (including dual fuel), electric, and hydronic heat systems. The thermostats engage both residential and commercial features, including Smart Schedule Recovery™ which allows intelligent temperature recovery, Efficient Equipment Restart™ which efficiently staggers scheduled start times to eliminate multiple units starting at once, adjustable override time and min/max setpoints, fan recirculation, vacation scheduling, keypad lockout, and additional features.

The app is available at the Apple App Store.

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Publication date: 2/25/2013