BROADVIEW, Ill. — Expanding on 24 years of Annual Meeting & Owners’ Forums, the 2022 meeting in the Cayman Islands emphasized creating and deepening lifelong relationships. With nearly 40 attendees, conversations were constantly in bloom.

“On this trip, it really felt like I was with family and that I was where I belong,” said Derren Saucier of Temperature Inc. “I love my Unified Group family and am proud to be a part of it.”

During three days of meetings, members shared important industry information while networking. “Company Culture” presentations were the highlight of the first day. Two members shared their highly rated culture with the group, along with their process to help create and maintain a strong, productive culture where people feel valued. To end a great day of meetings, the group participated in a team bonding experience on the beach.

The second morning contained a half-day of member presentations, while the hot topic of the day was “Strategic Planning.” During the hour-long segment, members broke into smaller, more intimate groups based on their chosen topic. Within those groups, they discussed relative problems and successes, with the opportunity to ask any outstanding questions. After lunch, members were shuttled to a boat that took them on an excursion to swim with stingrays.

“The relationship-building with members becomes the best part of the meetings,” said Frank Quintanar of J&J Air Conditioning. “Creating such a strong bond with top industry professionals who are now friends is inspiring.”

The “Open Discussion” presentation was a member favorite from day three. This segment contained an hour of large group discussions, which entailed members asking questions about truly anything industry-related, getting numerous immediate responses. After a productive day of learning, members celebrated their final night of being together with a closing dinner on the beach — an event that left all rejuvenated and inspired to go back to work.

Next year’s Annual Meeting & Owners’ Forum has been scheduled for November 8-11, 2023, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If you’re interested in learning more about membership with The Unified Group, contact Janet Kelleher at