After recent heavy investment in the expansion of their capacity in the U.S., A-Gas is completing the construction of its latest refrigerant separation towers at its Rhome, Texas plant. The expansion project, which began earlier this year, represents A-Gas’ continued commitment to deliver cutting-edge technology aimed at substantially increasing the quantity of reclaimed refrigerant gases, bringing new capacity online in 2023 to supply the U.S.

“The demand for high-quality reclaimed refrigerants grows yearly,” said Mike Armstrong, president of A-Gas Americas, “As the United States phases down virgin HFCs, technologies like this will provide an efficient and valuable service to our customers and supply partners. Through the utilization of existing products, we can minimize waste, extend product lifecycles, limit emissions, and provide more circular economy solutions to our customers.”

Expanding the recovery and reclaim of refrigerant gases is essential for the implementation of the production and consumption phase down of HFCs under the AIM Act. Recovery and reclaim, along with other refrigerant management practices, could prevent the emissions of 90 billion tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent, according to The 90 Billion Ton Opportunity: Lifecycle Refrigerant Management, a recent report by a trio of environmental groups.

A-Gas’ new separators will be operational in early 2023 and will more than double the separation capacity at the current site — addressing a critical need highlighted by the NGO report. A-Gas also added an AHRI-certified laboratory at the Rhome plant, making it their second AHRI lab in the U.S.

The new separation equipment and AHRI lab will enable the reclamation of mixed refrigerants received from customers across the U.S.. Even the most complicated mixes of refrigerants can be separated into valuable components and reconstituted into AHRI-700-certified products through this technology. In bringing this capability online, millions of additional pounds of reclaimed refrigerant can be safely returned to the marketplace annually.

“This technology continues to push forward responsible lifecycle refrigerant management in the U.S.,” said Taylor Ferranti, commercial vice president of refrigerant management at A-Gas. “It ensures our valued customers have access to a long-term, sustainable supply of reclaimed refrigerants for all their needs without compromising their values. Our Rapid Recovery network can continue to safely recover refrigerant while our reclamation processes bring that material to AHRI-700 grade for future use.”

Ferranti added, “In 2022, A-Gas is proud to have had a record year for reclamation. Our investment in this technology shows our continued commitment to supply the industry with reclaim, supporting the circular economy.”