Company: Marley Engineered Products

Product: MUH and HUHAA Pro+ Series Bundles

Description: The MUH-Pro+ and HUHAA Pro+ Series bundles, which include the SmartSeries Plus thermostat and B10 mounting bracket, allow for easy mounting and flexibility in controls and integration. The SmartSeries Plus thermostat provides connection to BACnet MS/TP building management systems for easy control and monitoring. The bundles also include a 24VAC transformer for immediate connection to a low voltage thermostat or for future integration flexibility. Ideal for new or replacement applications in factories, warehouses, garages, power stations, and mechanical rooms, the MUH and HUHAA Pro+ Series heaters feature an advanced pull-through air flow design that draws air across the heating element for even air distribution and cooler element operation.

Contact: (800) 642-4328;; eProduct 184

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