exida, has announced that Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, has earned their third ISASecure Component Security Assurance Certification (CSA) for their YORK YMC2 Centrifugal Chiller.

The YORK YMCChiller is equipped to offer wide-set operational range, while minimizing downtime. Designed with sustainability in mind, the YORK YMCchiller offers the market a certified chiller with the versatility to perform under extreme, demanding conditions.
“This certification shows compliance with best cybersecurity practices in the industry and is a big step to make our buildings safer and more secure,” adds Mike Medoff, director of exida Certification. 

With an internationally recognized ISASecure certification from exida, Johnson Controls provides customers with the assurance that their product is safely and securely performing in conditions that would normally shut down other chillers. 

Working to minimize emissions while making the most of the energy used, the YMC2 chiller requires less energy consumption, reducing the energy production and the resulting carbon emissions. Characterized as one of the most fully integrated and optimized chillers available in the market, it was important for Johnson Controls to choose a highly recognized and respected certification body such as exida for the certification of this chiller.

“The YORK YMC² chiller product certification is the third centrifugal chiller model in our full portfolio of chillers to receive the ISA Secure CSA cybersecurity Certification joining our YK and YZ chiller models that were the first chillers to receive this certification in November 2021” said Joe Villani, director of controls engineering, Johnson Controls. “It demonstrates Johnson Controls leadership and commitment to proactively serving our customer’s needs today and in the future. This security certification through exida enables us to further expand the services offered to our customers.”  

See how the ISASecure Certification has impacted Johnson Controls' new service offering for chiller owners and managers through a demonstration of the YORK Chiller Access Manager on September 15 at 11:00 a.m. (CST). To learn more, visit here.