Meet all of the 2022 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals
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Jason Kosarek

Company: Daikin
Title: Senior Manager Environmental Market Activity
Age: 35

A conversation at a Christmas party led Jason Kosarek to Daikin and a career in HVAC.

“I joined the company expecting that it would be a short stint. What could be exciting about making air cold? What I found was an HVAC industry with lots of interesting challenges and opportunities and a team that could help me grow as a professional. That one chance encounter led me to today,” Jason said.

Since joining the company in 2014, Jason has immersed himself in learning all aspects of the industry. He has spent meaningful time engaged with distributors and contractors as well as OEM design engineers and marketing professionals.

Jason has assumed several positions within Daikin, including digital marketing manager, strategic marketing manager, and most recently senior manager of environmental market activity.

Recently, Jason has headed up the strategic marketing group responsible for industry reporting, strategic forecasting, product information management, and ad hoc projects.

Jason’s next challenge will be working with the environmental initiatives to bring data and analytics to strategy development. He will also help manage a portfolio of projects to help the company achieve its internal decarbonization efforts.

Jason’s lofty goal is to help data and digital talent see the opportunities in the HVAC industry and grow personally and professionally.

“The HVAC industry is full of complex problems that allow you to have a career that makes an impact. Growing data and digital talent will lead to an industry better equipped to tackle today’s challenges, while ultimately enhancing the homeowner and dealer experience,” Jason said.