CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Bonomi Group, a manufacturer of valves and flow control products, is nearly tripling the size of its North American headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bonomi North America Inc. is moving to a newly renovated 70,000 square foot building that will allow increased warehouse capacity, expanded valve automation capabilities, and more office space, along with improved presentation facilities for product training.  

Bonomi North America has been a valve supplier in North America for the past 19 years. The company was established in 2003 in a 3,500 square foot space in Rock Hill, South Carolina. About 4,000 square feet of warehouse was added in 2004.  Bonomi purchased its current 25,000 square foot headquarters in Charlotte in 2014.

The need for an even larger home in just eight years has been driven by demand for valves, actuators, and automated valve packages. Sophisticated valve and actuator testing capabilities are planned for the new headquarters to support the growing North American market. 

The Bonomi Group has also been acquiring additional companies to complement and expand its product offering, adding to the need for more U.S. warehouse space:

  • Ghibson Italia s.r.l., based in Zola Predosa (Bologna, Italy), is a company specialized in the production of butterfly and check valves, for various industrial applications.
  • Ghibson & Co., based in Nova Milanese (Milan, Italy), is a company supporting Ghibson Italia’s range with the following products for a wide range of applications: damper valves, knife gate valves, ball valves, customized valves, and actuators.
  • Penta s.r.l., based in Mazzano (Brescia, Italy), is specialized in the production of metal seated ball valves for critical operating conditions, such as temperatures (up to +1,292° F), cryogenic services (down to -328° F), abrasive services, hazardous services, and engineering for special services.
  • AVS AB – Automatik Ventiler System, based in Malmö (Svezia, Sweden), is a supplier to industrial plants.

The decision to stay in Charlotte was an easy one, according to Alberto Malaguti, general manager of Bonomi North America.

“Charlotte is the ideal location for us. It offers easy national and international transportation and the world-class setting a leader like Bonomi needs for continued growth. We build long-term relationships with our customers. Our new, larger headquarters here will enable us to meet our current and new customers’ needs, now and into the future,” Malaguti said.