ROMEOVILLE, Ill. — Magid Glove & Safety has been offering its employees a gas subsidy program to aid employees as gas prices continue to rise. The $50,000 program offers approximately $1.00 per gallon subsidy for every employee’s commute to Magid and/or to onsite customer visits.

Employees who participate in the program receive a monthly gas card based on the number of days the employee works and the distance the employee commutes to the office.

In an email to employees announcing the program, Magid CEO Greg Cohen said, “We want to share some of the burden of rising gas prices and while we can’t change the world, we hope to make yours a little better!”

Commuting Magid team members are automatically enrolled in the program as long as they do not drive an electric vehicle or a company car. Magid already offers free charging for electronic cars at its Romeoville headquarters. Currently, Magid employs about 415 people at its Romeoville location and over 80% are participating in the gas subsidy program, which started February 28, 2022 and is scheduled to run through May 27, 2022.

“This truly is amazing,” said Gina Butera, Magid supply chain process manager. “The level of support the Cohen family offers employees is beyond any that I’ve seen and will ever see. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work for this wonderful family business.”

“The entire Customer Experience Team was in complete shock when they found out about this program. We are beyond appreciative," said Jamie McIntyre, customer experience service manager. "I think everyone can say we are thankful for the Cohen family and our executive leadership Team for always looking out for us as employees.”