IRELAND — Trane, a brand of Trane Technologies, a global climate innovator, has been named Green Builder Media’s prestigious HVAC Brand Leader for 2022. Recognized for its sustainable solutions and focus on efficient indoor comfort, Trane outranked its peers in the publication’s annual brand index that considers residential HVAC purchase preferences, sentiment, and reader data.

With over a century of experience in providing long-lasting, precision-engineered HVAC solutions and systems, Trane’s innovation continues to serve customer needs, enhance indoor air quality, and contribute to Trane Technologies’ 2030 Sustainability Commitments. The company’s Gigaton Challenge aims to reduce one gigaton (one billion metric tons) of carbon emissions from its customers’ footprints by 2030. Achieving this goal will rely on Trane’s design approach, refrigerant recovery program, low-emission product development, and its facilitation of increased adoption of high efficiency, connected systems.

“We are honored to be named the 2022 HVAC Brand leader. This recognition is a testament to our focus on industry-changing technologies that present new and sustainable ways to heat, cool and improve the indoor environmental quality of buildings and homes,” said Jason Bingham, president of residential HVAC and supply for Trane Technologies. “Knowing that heating and cooling account for 15% of the world’s total carbon emissions, we continue to take bold action and drive change to enable a more sustainable world.”

Green Builder Media is a North American media company focused on green building and sustainable leading. The 2022 Green Builder Brand Index is a proprietary market survey conducted among professionals in the construction sector to evaluate the quality and integrity of industry solutions. Results across traditional survey data, public sentiment, and market visibility or “mentions” are averaged to derive a company’s final ranking.