JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Snyder Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric announced the launch of its new TradeUp Academy, an HVAC Registered Apprenticeship Program. The goal of the program is to help businesses meet the demand for skilled labor during a shortage, while offering workers higher wages and better employment outcomes. 

TradeUp Academy is a paid training/apprentice program that offers participants the opportunity to gain experience, learn new skills, and support themselves financially while they study and receive on-the-job training. For the trainee, an apprenticeship can offer a cost-effective alternative to the college track. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, workers who complete an apprenticeship make an average of $240,037 more than comparable job seekers in their lifetime. And for the employer, apprenticeship programs are a reliable workforce solution. 

“We are excited to launch TradeUp Academy and be a part of the solution to turn around skilled workforce shortages while providing workers with a quality job and competitive living wage,” said Brad Kelly, Snyder Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric president. 

Apprentices in the TradeUp Academy are considered full-time employees of Snyder earning a competitive wage while receiving a minimum of 2,000 hours of firsthand technical training. Snyder is the only company in the Jacksonville market with a 12-month program, making it unique to similar apprenticeships because the trainee moves through the program more quickly. Participants are also eligible for benefits after an introductory period. 

TradeUp Academy is geared toward an entry level contractor — no experience required. Participants who do have some industry experience or training are also encouraged to enroll. Trainees follow a path towards certification that starts with online classes for technical studies and in-class lectures from industry experts, then move on to ride-alongs for field observations. Lastly, participants go out into the field in their own truck with support a system in which the trainee can call in for assistance or request an experienced technician come to their job site for assistance. 

TradeUp Academy was recently approved by the Florida Department of Education and is pending approval from the U.S. Department of Labor. A Registered Apprenticeship program ensures a quality education system with notable markers for advancement and employment.