ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) announced Lanny Huffman of Hickory Sheet Metal Co, Inc., in Hickory, N.C. as the 2022 Community Leadership Award winner, sponsored by Jackson Systems & Supply. Huffman was chosen as this year’s winner because of his commitment not only to the HVACR Industry, but also to his business, community, and family.

"Lanny is very dedicated to the HVAC Industry,” said Joan Huffman, wife of Lanny Huffman. “He has been at Hickory Sheet Metal, a 93-year-old company that his grandfather started, for 44 years. Before that, he had worked there since he was a child, and was happy to help in any way he could. He is very committed to the community and church, but his main job is being a family man. Just ask his two daughters and three grandchildren. I am very proud of Lanny and believe he greatly deserves this honor. Thank you for awarding him this special recognition."

The ACCA Community Leadership Award recognizes an ACCA member who has made extraordinary contributions to the betterment of society and their community. Nominees and recipients of this award should exemplify the following characteristics: Service-oriented, Knowledgeable and Kind, Integrity, and Partnership (SKIP). This award highlights that a person's success is not only measured by financial accomplishments, but also by the impact that a person has on their community at-large. It is a tribute to the memory of Skip's remarkable character and his philosophy of life — helping, caring, and sharing with others.

“Congratulations to Lanny Huffman on receiving this humanitarian recognition,” said Barton James, ACCA president and CEO. “Lanny has consistently proven that he is not only committed to supporting and advancing the industry, but also the community, making this win especially well-deserved.”