FORT WAYNE, Ind. — WaterFurnace International has announced that the company is renaming its Commercial Solutions products to better reflect their tiering and application. This change is necessitated by the company's rapidly growing portfolio of commercial products. 

"As the Commercial Solutions group has grown in size and product depth, we found it was necessary to make this change. The new naming affects all of the commercial product lines, from the most basic technologies, to our most advanced," said Paul Selking, commercial vice president of sales and marketing, WaterFurnace. "This structure provides stronger, more fitting, and quickly identifiable product names, especially among sales professionals, those in design and specification channels, as well as MEPs, architects, and building owners." 

The new product naming convention condenses varied product lines under two main brand names — Versatec and TruClimate. The Versatec brand identifies the company's commercial line for water-to-air heat pumps, DOAS units, rooftop equipment, and indoor console heat pumps. The TruClimate brand identifies the company's water-to-water heat pumps and modular chillers.

Following the product family brand name is a numbering system of either 100, 300, 500, or 700. These numbers intuitively communicate tiering and application characteristics to customers. Low numbers indicate that the product is meant for less intensive applications or offers standard technology features, while higher tiered numbers communicate the ability to tackle the most robust and complex applications. Each product name is then rounded out with an application distinguisher, when applicable, and the general product family that it belongs to as shown in the following example:

  • TruClimate 700 Water-Cooled Modular Chiller: The TruClimate name lets customers know it's a water-to-water heat pump or chiller. The tiering number (700) indicates the chiller has advanced features, such as simultaneous heating and cooling and a removable 6-pipe header rack. Finally, 'Water-Cooled Modular Chiller' defines the type of product to be specified.

"This is a carefully planned and deliberate change; one we know will better enable all professionals, linked through their role in product specification and system design, to quickly grasp what product line is referenced, its role in a mechanical system, size, and characteristics," said Selking. "To help our customers easily make this transition, we'll update our website and marketing materials to include both the current and new names for a select time period until the market becomes fluent with the naming convention."