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A Model L rooftop unit was the dominant display at the Lennox International booth at the recent AHR Expo in Las Vegas.

The new Lennox Commercial product, which comes in 13 different capacities between 3 and 25 tons, is designed to provide cooling, heating, humidity control, and air filtration for schools and commercial buildings. It comes in an all-electric model as well as a natural gas-electric model

"It's on the market. We had an overwhelming response from the field on it," said Eddie Chavez, director of commercial product management at Lennox, during a visit to the company's booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center. That positive response came from technicians, contractors, building engineers, and large national accounts, Chavez said.

Model L combines energy efficiencies (ratings of up to 22.5 SEER, 23.3 IEER, and 15.0 EER); optional IAQ accessories like a germicidal light, air filtration (MERV 8, MERV 13, or MERV 16), and air ionization, which has been shown to reduce harmful pathogens, pollutants, and odors; and ease-of-service features like toolless filter access, a slide-out blower, and an isolated compressor compartment.

The Model L is compatible with Lennox's Core service app, which assists with system testing and troubleshooting. Variable-speed motors are used for both the compressor and the blower in order to efficiently maintain a constant indoor temperature.

"So from a serviceability standpoint, very user-, technician-friendly unit," Chavez said. "No worries."

Lennox called the Model L its "rooftop revolution."

Lennox Model L Rooftop Unit.

INSIDE LOOK: A peek inside a 25-ton Model L rooftop unit. (Staff photo)

"We're creating this rooftop revolution to empower national accounts, make sure that they're saving money by the lowest total cost of ownership and reducing maintenance time, reducing service time, and minimizing any down time for the equipment," Chavez said.

Also on display at the Expo was an outdoor Lennox VRF unit for heating and cooling up to 64 zones. An inverter-driven, vapor-injection compressor increases energy efficiency by varying the compressor speed in response to the demands of each indoor unit; the VRF achieves part-load efficiency rating of to 26.2 IEER.

With hinged access panels and a built-in LCD service console, the company said the VRF is also built for ease of service.

"The main focus is essentially just the ease of serviceability and installation," said Crystal Ramirez, a Lennox product manager. "That is what differentiates us from everyone else, essentially."