All aspects of the world are becoming more digital, and that includes the realm of hydronics. A pair of recent product introductions prove that point. One provides greater control for consumers, while the other provides improved access for technicians as they work on equipment.


A New Thermostat

Uponor North America is launching its first-ever touchscreen radiant thermostat. The new Heat-only Thermostat with Touchscreen is designed for precise temperature control of residential hydronic radiant heating systems based on operative temperature sensing capabilities.

"With this new thermostat, we've taken the best features of Uponor's classic heat-only thermostat and made it better," said Kat Olinger, senior manager of the single-family segment at Uponor. "We took the performance and reliability our customers have come to trust with our heat-only radiant thermostat and transferred it to a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design that includes a simple, intuitive touchscreen."

The thermostat can operate a hydronic radiant heating system based on the air sensor measuring operative temperature, a floor sensor (purchased separately), or a combination of both to provide the optimal level of comfort and control. The floor sensor not only provides enhanced thermal comfort, but it also protects the floor’s surface from overheating.

The new Heat-only Thermostat with Touchscreen will replace Uponor’s existing Heat-only Thermostat. Additionally, by adding the Uponor Floor Sensor, the Heat-only Thermostat with Touchscreen is a simpler, more cost-effective solution for users familiar with the SetPoint 501s, Single-stage SetPoint Controller with Floor Sensor.

"This new thermostat will streamline our controls offering and allow us to focus on innovative solutions for the residential hydronic radiant heating market," Olinger said.

"Our goal is to continuously build on this platform by adding additional features that will make our technicians’ and contractors’ jobs easier moving forward.”
David DeVries
Director of product management, Weil-McLain

App Makes Work Easier

Moving to the technician side of usability features, a new app to support Weil-McLain puts a variety of the manufacturer’s boiler product information at their fingertips. The Well-McLain ProTools App allows contractors and other heating professionals to access information on Weil-McLain boiler setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices

"Contractors trust Weil-McLain to support the performance, productivity, and profitability of their businesses, and this new app is designed to do just that," said David DeVries, director of product management at Weil-McLain.

The Weil-McLain ProTools App helps spotlight the contractor's hydronic expertise and streamline technician's customer visits to provide a professional experience. The app was developed based on extensive contractor research

"We talked to contractors to determine the issues they wanted to solve and the help they needed to make their jobs easier and we focused on that feedback to develop this app," DeVries said. "The result is a one-stop resource for what contractors need today — whether it's contacting the right person for customer support, checking a warranty, finding troubleshooting information, or getting to the right page of the boiler manual quickly."

The new app puts users in control of the boiler maintenance and monitoring experience through several key features. It will allow technicians to review fault codes for troubleshooting that go straight to the proper manual page for next steps. They can then find parts more quickly by model with illustrations. They can also view product manuals, schematics, wire diagrams, maintenance, annual start-up information, and product brochures.

If this doesn’t provide enough of an answers, techs can connect to technical support by phone, email, chat, or video call. They can also look up videos by boiler model for detailed instructions. Finally, they can register a product or review a warranty statement by scanning a number on the boiler.

Future upgrades to the app in early 2022 will include Bluetooth connectivity to Weil-McLain boilers like the ECO Tec line that will allow contractors and technicians to conduct additional functions.

"Our goal is to continuously build on this platform by adding additional features that will make our technicians’ and contractors’ jobs easier moving forward," DeVries said.