ST. LOUIS, MO — Unico System, in conjunction with Ecoer, announced a corporate alliance at the recent AHR Expo that will offer an inverter heat pump optimized to pair with Unico’s small duct air handlers.

Unico, a manufacturer of small duct central air and heating systems, and Ecoer, the Virginia-based producer of inverter heat pumps, now offer an array of matched products ranging from 1.5-ton to 5.0-ton matched systems.

Knowing that ease of proper installation is key to long-term efficient operation, the companies have tried to simplify the installation process. With this increased ease of installation, on-site labor and commissioning time will decrease, providing more profit for contractors, according to the company.

“You don’t need anything between the third-party unit and the outdoor unit and you get all the benefits of inverter technology,” Unico chief marketing officer and partner Scott Intagliata said.

Additionally, contractors can remotely review system performance and recommend any necessary maintenance checks. Both Unico and Ecoer offer warranties of up to 10-years.

“We are fully matched. Unico is still going to promote the fact that we go in with everybody’s outdoor unit, but we are actively pushing this to our 3,000 active contractors. Every time we do a training, there is going to be a module on hooking it up to an Ecoer unit. We have already been hearing from contractors asking when they can start doing this,” Intagliata said.

“It’s a great partnership. We have a lot of common goals. Their customers are common customers of ours a lot of the time. We complement each other is so many ways,” Rick Warner, president of Ecoer North America, said.