LAS VEGAS, NV — AprilAire announced a strategic partnership with Airthings, a global technology company that produces indoor air quality monitors for radon and other dangerous airborne contaminants that impact overall health and wellness.

The partnership is rooted in addressing a common issue for homeowners everywhere: people spend more than 90% of their time indoors, but most are unaware of their home’s indoor air quality. When they identify a problem, they typically do not have the knowledge and expertise to remedy the situation effectively. The new AprilAire and Airthings partnership is an integration that combines detection, education, and mitigation to offer contractors an intelligent air quality solution tailored specifically to their customer’s lifestyle and living environment.

The specializations offered by Airthings and AprilAire deliver an air quality combo to consumers and HVAC contractors that combines both monitoring and hands-on mitigation. In partnership, the brands will now provide consumers with a one-stop shop for radon and air quality monitoring with solutions to manage air purity, humidity, fresh air supply, radon mitigation, and temperature. 

“We are proud to partner with Airthings — a company whose purpose so closely aligns with our own of making homes healthy. Together, we will increase awareness of the impact the air we breathe in our homes has on our health and wellbeing and the availability of effective professional solutions to deliver healthy air” said Dale Philippi, president and CEO of AprilAire. “This alliance is a great example of synergy ­­— when one plus one equals three and our customers realize more value. Working with Airthings, our network of healthy air experts will be better able to tailor solutions to address homeowner concerns.” 

Airthings will integrate its flagship air quality monitor, View Plus, as a core component of the AprilAire partnership solution. View Plus launched in 2021 and it tracks seven air quality components, including particulate matter, CO2, and radon. AprilAire recently added Radon Mitigation Systems to its healthy air solutions portfolio to control radon, the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. Equipped with hub functionality, View Plus will enable HVAC professionals to remotely monitor air quality in the homes they service while also providing full air quality visibility to the homeowners themselves. When problems arise, the professional receives automatic notifications and can take immediate mitigation actions. The newly formed alliance between AprilAire and Airthings will help consumers access information on their air quality with more clarity, enabling them to make informed decisions. 

“Our new partnership with AprilAire helps consumers navigate complex decisions in a convenient way,” said Oyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings. “Indoor air quality can be a real threat to our health and well-being, which is why proactive monitoring is essential. However, when problems arise, the next steps can seem daunting. By teaming up with AprilAire, our hope is that when people encounter indoor air quality issues, they’ll turn to us to evaluate the situation, diagnose the problem, and develop recommendations and solutions to mitigate the situation if necessary—providing peace of mind to people everywhere.”