Sixty-two thousand people trained.

Taco Tuesdays.

Taco After Dark.

Innovations in efficiency, with 40 new ECM and 30 stainless steel plumbing products on the market in the last five years.

These are just some of the things Cheryl Merchant, CEO of Taco Comfort Solutions, was excited to share at the Taco press conference at AHR, held Monday morning at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“It's been two years… two years since we've all been able to do something like this,” she said. “And I just can't tell you how excited we are to have you here with us today. And even though it's been two years, Taco never went away. Our focus never went away. In fact, we fired up.”

In addition to staying customer-focused, Merchant said Taco will continue to take care of their people.

“This is No. 1, folks,” she said. “We've been doing that over the last two years: putting a mask on, putting Plexiglas up, spreading people out. There’s even a phrase for it: ‘de-leaning’ ― backing everybody away from each other, rotating groups in and out of the factories, but never shutting down. Because there are hospitals and their schools and medical data centers. They all need our products. And we don't let people like that down.”

Speaking on behalf of the White family, John White III then presented the 2022 Dan Holohan Lifetime Contribution to Comfort Award to Bob Barbour.

The Dan Holohan Lifetime Contribution to Comfort Award, White explained, is given annually for an HVAC professional or company that has made a substantial contribution to comfort technology, advancement, or training or displaying the exceptional good humor and love of people exhibited by Dan Holohan throughout his career.

Barbour has put in 44 years at Taco and held at least seven positions at the company.

“No matter what position, whatever you’ve been doing, you’ve always dropped everything to help whoever need help ― because you’re always ‘Mr. Taco,’” White said as he presented the award at Taco’s green booth on the Expo floor, surrounded by members of the press and cheering coworkers. “Technical customer service, whatever it is, you really exemplify the best of the best in the company, in the industry.”

Ken Watson, senior vice president of global marketing at Taco, closed by saying that although Taco’s party Monday evening ended up getting canceled, it was still great to be back in-person.

“It just seemed like the best thing to do under the current circumstances,” he said. “But I don't like to say ‘cancellation.’ Let's say we're going to postpone until next year in Atlanta.”