SAN LEANDRO, CA. and SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA   Energy Recovery, Inc. (NASDAQ: ERII) and Vallarta Supermarkets, a California-based company with more than 50 locations, announced Nov. 2 an agreement to install Energy Recovery’s PX G1300 (PX G) energy recovery device in Vallarta Supermarkets’ store located in the City of Indio in Southern California.

“As we’ve committed to doing all we can to reduce our impact on the environment, we have been hunting for new technology and solutions that will enable us to operate our current CO2 refrigeration unit more efficiently and use less energy,” said Miguel Gonzalez, CEO for Vallarta. “We are thrilled to find a solution with Energy Recovery, and the efficiencies made possible by the PX G will ultimately help us meet our sustainability goals."

Vallarta Supermarkets will install the PX G in the Indio store’s carbon dioxide (CO2) refrigeration system. The PX G can reduce the energy consumption and operating costs of CO2 refrigeration in a broad range of operating conditions. While CO2 systems are more environmentally friendly than incumbent refrigerants such as climate damaging hydrocarbons (HFCs), CO2 systems are more energy intensive to operate, especially in warmer climates such as Indio where temperatures regularly reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit/38 degrees Celsius. The PX G is designed to solve this challenge, making it financially attractive for retailers to make the switch to CO2 systems.

“Left unchecked, HFCs are projected to increase global temperatures by a half-degree Celsius by 2100. With the PX G, our goal is to pave the way for the next-generation CO2 refrigeration system that allows retailers to save on energy costs while complying with regulations phasing out HFCs,” said Robert Mao, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Energy Recovery. “We are proud to work with a partner who shares our commitment to sustainability. We look forward to demonstrating the PX G’s performance in a real world commercial environment. Our confidence in our technology’s ability to reduce energy consumption is high and we are putting our money where our mouth is. Under this initial deployment, we will only receive payments based off of the amount of energy we save.”