The Refrigeration School Inc. (RSI) in Phoenix, Arizona, in partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor, recently donated and installed an ice machine at Aimee's Animal Sanctuary in Queen Creek, Arizona, to help protect more than 100 special needs animals from severe heat.

The machine was installed by four RSI students who are currently training in the school's refrigeration program, as well as one instructor. The students were responsible for uninstalling the machine from Clear Channel Outdoor, then transporting and installing it in its new home.

Aimee's Animal Sanctuary is a local farm and non-profit that cares for neglected and special needs animals. It was voted as one of the top 10 animal sanctuaries in the United States. Each year, the farm goes through hundreds of bags of ice to keep more than 100 animals cool during the hot summer months. Aimee, who founded the sanctuary, said that this donation will save them from not only spending the money to buy the ice, but also having to find a place to store it.

"Giving back to the local community is one of our core values at RSI," said David Eaker, president of The Refrigeration School Inc. "Once we learned these animals were in need, we were happy to partner with Clear Channel to make this donation happen and give our students some real-world experience."