WESTWOOD, Mass.—enVerid Systems announced that its enVerid Air Purifier will be sold by Trane by Trane Technologies as part of Trane’s Wellsphere Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) solutions portfolio. enVerid’s ceiling-mounted HEPA air filtration units will be available from Trane, starting immediately across the United States and Canada.

“As part of Trane’s holistic approach to indoor environmental quality, we offer our customers effective solutions that optimize indoor environments and help create healthier, more comfortable spaces,” said Scott Huffmaster, sales leader, Healthy Spaces, Trane. “We are pleased to broaden our portfolio of air cleaning solutions with enVerid’s robust in-room air purifier. The enVerid Air Purifier aligns with ASHRAE and CDC recommendations with its HEPA filtration and in-unit UV technology. It’s a category leader for a number of reasons; it is commercial grade, specifiable, and importantly, its ceiling-mounted design offers optimal airflow, quiet operation, and a more permanent solution.”

“We are excited that our enVerid Air Purifier will be offered by industry leader Trane as part of its innovative Wellsphere initiative,” said Christian Weeks, CEO of enVerid Systems. “Building operators want proven, durable indoor air quality solutions that can address concerns about mitigating COVID-19 transmission immediately and can be utilized long-term to filter out other harmful particulates, including wildfire smoke, pollution, and allergens. Our commercial-strength, ceiling-mounted solution helps capture bioaerosols and substantially reduces the noise issues and tripping hazards associated with floor-level portable HEPA products.”

“With respect to air cleaners for airborne pathogens, there is a very clear hierarchy of performance,” said Raefer Wallis, global indoor air quality expert and Founder of RESET. “At the very top, we find ceiling-mounted filtration systems that allow for a very high level of control in specific areas because they are ducted and unobstructed by objects in a room. This is extremely important for issues like COVID-19, where aerosolized viruses can be reduced at the source. The next level down is portable filters, which can be 20-50% less effective than their ceiling mounted counterparts mainly due to challenges with placement in a space.”

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