CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — The New Flat Rate is gearing up for its third annual Business Uncensored conference in Chattanooga. The two-and-a-half-day event will take place from October 18-20 at the Westin Chattanooga, kicking off with a reception on the night of the 18th. This year’s theme is “Drive,” which places an emphasis on helping business leaders drive their money, marketing, team, and purpose.

“Since we started The New Flat Rate, our goal has been to help make the lives of contractors easier while also allowing them to be profitable as a company,” said Rodney Koop, founder and CEO of The New Flat Rate. “With Business Uncensored, we can do that by providing tools and knowledge that will not only help them increase profits but also unleash their full potential.”

Throughout the conference, attendees will gain lessons on a variety of different topics that will teach contractors how to develop successful business methods that drive the company overall. There will be several breakout sessions that are geared toward increasing focus on topics that can help business owners address needs in specific areas.

“Many business owners in the home service industry place their focus on revenue-generating areas such as the number of service calls they receive on a regular basis, oftentimes missing out on opportunities by rushing to finish the job,” said Danielle Putnam, president of The New Flat Rate. “We have sessions that will help contractors uncover those lost opportunities, act on them, and follow up for future business during the slow season.

“While keeping a steady flow of business is important, it isn’t the only thing that makes a company successful. Understanding what drives your team or the overall success of your customers is just as important. Those are some of the areas that we also focus on during Business Uncensored to help contractors grow and be successful.” 

Speakers from The New Flat Rate will include Rodney Koop, Danielle Putnam, and Matt Koop, vice president. Also speaking at the event are contractors Roger Daviston, John Ellis, Rob Matheny, Steve Moon, and Christopher Gibbons.

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