HOUSTON — Daikin announced the launch of Daikin One Cloud Services, which is a cloud-based tool that allows Daikin Comfort Pro contractors to configure, monitor, diagnose, and adjust the performance of Daikin systems remotely, potentially eliminating the need to send a truck and technician to a home.

Exclusively available to DCPs, Daikin One Cloud Services is a cloud-based portal for office computers and a mobile web app for smart devices. DCPs who have been given permission by the customer can remotely monitor system data ranging from temperatures, humidity, and indoor air quality to heating and cooling demand, plus critical and minor errors. Technicians can access not only current, live data but also history back to the day the system was cloud-connected.

“Being able to diagnose and adjust system performance without entering a customer’s home can be a game-changer for DCPs, one that can help build customer confidence and loyalty,” said Dennis Thoren, Daikin, vice president of controls engineering. “It allows our DCPs to provide their customers with advanced levels of service and more peace of mind than previously possible. For example, if a customer’s cloud-connected system issues an alert, notifications can alert technicians immediately via the Daikin One Cloud Services phone app.”

Homeowners choose what level of access to give technicians, who can be granted complete 24/7 monitoring and adjustment access, to 24/7 monitoring settings only coupled with limited two-hour access windows. Permissions can be changed at any time. If the homeowner shares complete system access, technicians can not only see and monitor the system, but also make adjustments via thermostat menus, including the installer set-up menu – all without having to go to a customer’s home.

“Certainly, that’s a time and money saver for DCPs, but homeowners will also see this as a real advantage,” said Marc Bellanger, Daikin, director of marketing and communications. “It’s contactless service that doesn’t disrupt their lives, while still enabling technicians to keep their system optimally tuned and high-performing.” 

Daikin One Cloud Services requires a Daikin One+ Smart thermostat. Homeowners need an active Daikin One Home app on their smart device that’s connected to their system via the Daikin Cloud.  The service is compatible with conventional split systems, Daikin Fit, mini- and multi-split systems, VRV, and VRV LIFE systems.

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