ARGYLE, Texas — Sasi Madduri, vice president of Technology of JB Warranties, won Employee of the Year for 2020.

Madduri was chosen from a select group of individuals for JB Warranties’ first annual Employee of the Year award because of his dedication, longevity, and achievements. His most important contribution, with a direct impact on business outcomes, is the development of JB Warranties’ extended warranties platform for HVAC and plumbing contractors.

“Sasi works around the clock to serve the needs of every department, and his internal drive and work ethic are only exceeded by the content of his character,” said JB Warranties CEO Jeff Bohannan. “Sasi is one of the most intelligent, capable, honest, and considerate people I have ever known. The Employee of the Year award, as far as I am concerned, might be more fitting if titled, ‘Employee of the Decade’ – because I can’t imagine someone more deserving of being recognized for their many contributions.”

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