Company: Gas Sensing Solutions

Product: CozIR®-LP3

Description: This sensor includes on-board power management that allows the user to control sensor power consumption during measurements and when the sensor is inactive. The user can reduce active current consumption to <1µA without switching off the sensor. Based on the company’s proprietary solid-state non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) LED technology, the sensor measures concentration levels by analyzing the amount of light absorbed by the CO2 gas. This LED technology allows the sensor to achieve low-power consumption, making it suitable for a range of applications including battery-powered and wirelessly connected devices. The product is designed to run fully autonomously with automatic self-checking and auto-zeroing, enabling the sensor to operate for long periods with no user intervention. These features make it ideal for unattended applications in air quality monitoring, IoT devices, and other portable battery-powered remote devices. The product provides the user with extensive flexibility, a choice of UART or I²C control interfaces, digital and analog CO2 measurements, and a failsafe digital alarm level monitor. It has also been designed to give the designer several fixturing options. The sensor features a low height form factor with options for mounting on top, below, or through the PCB.

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