ALLENWOOD, N.J. — Sealed Unit Parts Co. Inc. (SUPCO) has launched a product line brand called SUPCO TradeFox. Under the TradeFox label, SUPCO helps HVACR technicians bring their ideas to life and to the market.

The SUPCO TradeFox brand highlights the ingenuity inherent in the HVACR trade, and within it, SUPCO boasts of its unique technician-invented tools in the industry. These include the Attic Pro Utility lift, invented by a firefighter/one-man HVAC technician who needed a way to lift furnaces into attics, and the Magnecover Magnetic Umbrella Kit, invented by a technician who tied a speaker magnet to an umbrella to stay cool while working in the heat.

“There are smart, creative inventors within the HVACR trade solving problems by using what they have on hand,” said Jim Adcox, executive vice president at SUPCO, who works personally with each inventor in bringing their ideas onboard with the company. “We’ve seen a great response to SUPCO TradeFox products because they come from within the trade in response to real scenarios technicians face on jobs.”

“Innovation is part of who we are,” said Chris Mancuso, CEO of SUPCO. “Our in-house engineering team continuously works to conceptualize new products and improvements. We also realize an endless potential for innovative ideas can be found by tapping into those who understand the challenges of the job firsthand. For years, SUPCO has invested in and supported the creativity found within the trade and we continue to do so through the SUPCO TradeFox brand.”

As for the “Fox” in “TradeFox, “It’s a symbolic nod to those who think on their feet,” said Melissa Bennett, director of marketing for SUPCO, who was responsible for conceptualizing the brand. “A fox is clever, quick-witted, adaptable, and resourceful. So are the technicians who’ve invented these products.”

A central component of the SUPCO TradeFox marketing campaign will focus on the inventors and the stories behind their products.

“Sharing stories and experiences is a large part of the HVACR technician community,” said Bennett. “We see the SUPCO TradeFox brand as a way to engage with technicians and let them know our inventors are just as important as the products.”