Name: Jonathan Carlson

Title: Technician

When Jonathan Carlson graduated from high school, he knew wanted to pick a career where he could be of service to others. Carlson looked around and decided the way he would do that was as an HVAC tech. His parents grew up without a/c, he said, so he knew how important it was to people.

“I like to help people out,” he said. “It’s just the way I am.”

Carlson went to trade school and then started as a tech six years ago. He joined Air Comfort Heating and Cooling in Nebraska. The firm operates two offices, one in Fremont and the other in Columbus, where Carlson works with the title of Air Comfort ProTech.

“It’s always positive,” he said. “I enjoy going to work there.”

Steve Simmons, Air Comfort’s owner, said Carlson replaced one of the team’s oldest members, who had retired and left “really big shoes to fill.” Simmons said Carlson has done an admirable job, becoming one of the firm’s best reviewed techs.

“He's a very quiet, gentle soul with a great future ahead of him,” Simmons said.

Carlson would like to become a manager someday, but right now he enjoys being a service tech. He also likes to help out when the installation department needs a hand.

“The install crew is usually swamped for a couple of weeks,” Carlson said.

He started out doing installations and recommends that anyone new to the business start out that way for a couple of reasons. One is that it’s best to get the hard labor experience when you’re young. More importantly, it gives a more complete understanding of systems, making them easier to service.

Simmons said Carlson is always helping to take stress off his fellow employees. He’ll jump on the duct cleaning crew or take care of a client who is nearer to his geographic location — even if it’s not his rotation or obligation to do so.

“Jonathan is just a young, friendly, refreshingly honest young man that wants to step it up and provide for his family,” Simmons said. “Everyone looks forward to his involvement on the job, in company meetings, and our off-premise outings and events. He's dedicated to bettering himself and well on the way to doing so.”


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