In a new feature of the monthly Business Management enewsletter, we will be highlighting an effective HVAC contractor commercial. This month, we highlight a commercial from Aire Serv Heating and Air Conditioning. It is an entertaining look at the payment process.

We talked with Mary Hromadka, Aire Serv's brand manager, about the commercial.

ACHR News: How did the idea originate?  

Hromadka: Society tends to view moms as people who mostly have it together. To grab the viewer’s attention, we wanted to contradict this stereotype and create a comedic commercial of a mom in a crazy situation, doing something drastic that we could treat seriously and ground in reality. The idea of having a mom take money from her child’s hardworking hands is an offbeat scenario that could be compared to terrible billing experiences some viewers may have had in the past with other vendors.

ACHR News: What was the budget for the commercial? 

The budget for this video entailed using internal and external production and talent. We are unable to disclose the exact budget for this video.  

ACHR News: How did you get the commercial out to the public? 

The commercial was streamed via local TV buys and connected TV and devices as well as through YouTube pre-roll ads and mobile marketing. 

ACHR News: What has the reaction to the commercial been? 

We have received a lot of positive reactions from our franchise owners. More than 50 percent of our system have requested the commercial to use in their own local TV buys. The commercial also holds a 56 percent view rate on YouTube pre-roll ads.

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