In a new feature of the monthly Business Management enewsletter, we will be highlighting an effective HVAC contractor commercial. This month, we highlight a commercial from Berico Heating and A/C. It includes baseball Hall of Famer Johnny Bench.

Berico had a long-standing relationship with Johnny Bench. Bench and Berico Partner, Tom Berry, coordinated to produce commercial for Berico’s Gift of Warmth fundraiser. In addition to this, Bench agreed to do an HVAC commercial for Berico. The script was the result of a collaboration between Effective Media Solutions and Will Berry (Berico Partner).

We talked with Dave Bowen, managing partner of Effective Media Solutions who helped produce and create the advertisement.

ACHR News: How did the idea originate?  

Bowen: Berico had a long-standing relationship with Johnny Bench. He graciously stepped in as a favor to his friend Tom Berry. The idea came from a collaboration between Tom Berry, Will Berry, and our agency. The script was also a collaboration between our agency and Will Berry.

ACHR News: What was the budget for the commercial? 

This commercial was shot and edited for $2,500.
ACHR News: How did you get the commercial out to the public? 

The commercial aired on heavy rotation on two of the major broadcast networks in Greensboro, North Carolina.

ACHR News: What has the reaction to the commercial been? 

The reaction we received in the market was phenomenal. Mostly people couldn't believe that was actually Johnny Bench. It was a hot topic at the water cooler during the time that it aired. More importantly, we saw a measurable uptick in revenue from the creative buys. The commercial also holds a 56 percent view rate on YouTube pre-roll ads.