Company: EVAPCO Inc.

Product: eco-Air™ Series

Description: Part of a full complement of the eco-Air™ series — including the eco-Air Series dry coolers and eco-Air Series air cooled condensers — this product reduces water consumption and ranges in capacity from 13 to 415 nominal tons. The low-profile design ships as one piece and is ready for installation upon arrival. Standard options include aluminum fins and 304L stainless steel tubing. The adiabatic pre-cooling system has wetted pads that can be utilized for pre-cooling entering air. This results in greater energy savings and increased capacity with minimal water use. Ideal for high ambient dry bulb climates or high-temperature applications, the once-through design requires no water treatment, drift, cold water basin, or pump. Recent enhancements include copper adiabatic piping system, new adiabatic spray system (an alternative to pads), and coated pads for longer life and easier handling. With third-party performance certifications, the fully-rated products enable facility managers to operate cooling systems efficiently.

Contact: 410-756-2600,, eProduct 190   

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