U.S. Air Conditioning Distributors (or USACD), headquartered in the City of Industry, California — near Los Angeles — is one of the nation’s largest privately owned HVAC distributors. When it comes to smart thermostats, USACD walks the walk and talks the talk. The distributor has recently invested in Venstar® ColorTouch and Explore connected Wi-Fi thermostats and Skyport® Cloud Services for remote control of the thermostats at its 50 HVAC supply stores across the western United States.

The connected thermostats were installed as part of USACD’s green initiative. In the past, heaters and air conditioners at the stores had often been left on overnight or over weekends when the stores were closed. Some stores had equipment issues that had gone unchecked. As a result, energy usage was unusually high.

With Skyport Cloud Services, managers can see all the individual thermostats on their desktop computers and mobile phones using Venstar’s free Skyport mobile app. They can manage energy usage and ensure that indoor temperatures are comfortable at the stores. They can resolve equipment issues before they become problems — right from their desk.

Moving to Skyport to control the Wi-Fi thermostats saves USACD $100,000 annually in energy costs. Energy cost savings goes right to the company’s bottom line and paid for the thermostats and installation in a matter of months.