Company: Fieldpiece Instruments Inc.

Product: Job Link® System Wireless Manometer

Description: This product works with the Fieldpiece Job Link® System App for taking pressure measurements quickly and easily. The JL3KM2 dual-port manometer allows the HVACR professional to document readings in the Job Link® System app from up to 350 feet away. The app is compatible HVACR test instruments for troubleshooting, diagnosing, and evaluating HVACR systems. The probes are not tethered, allowing for single-, dual-, and multi-port measurements that are not limited by the length of the hose. They can be placed in ideal locations on the system for most accurate measurement, even if their location is behind closed doors or in a tight spot. Users can take inlet gas pressure, outlet gas pressure, and total external static pressure of a furnace with multiple probes hooked up and view them all at the same time in the app. An indicator switch on the manometer automatically tells the Job Link System which side is being tested with the color-code switch. The system allows for up to eight individual manometers at one time in the app. Users can view real-time return static, supply static, and total external static pressure all at once with just two probes. The JL3MN is sold as a single pack and includes the JL3MN, slide-on gas adapter, an extra hose with brass screw fitting, and a static pressure probe. The JL3KM2 is a double pack dual manometer and includes two JL3MNs, a case, two slide-on gas adapters, extra hose with two brass screw fittings, and two static pressure probes.

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