Company: Fieldpiece Instruments Inc.

Product: Job Link® Mobile System Probes

Description: Three probes are available in two kit formats: the charge kit (JL3KR4) includes two pressure probes, two temperature clamps, and a padded carrying case, and the charge and air kit (JL3KH6) includes the same equipment, plus two psychrometer probes. All probes have a strong wireless range of about 350 feet, and the wireless signal is able to penetrate the walls of walk-through coolers and freezers. The Job Link Pressure Probes are 45-degree angled, accurate at any elevation, and water resistant. The Job Link Premium Pipe Clamp Probes (¼ to 13/8 inches) stabilize in under five seconds with ±1°F accuracy, use Rapid Rail™ Thermocouple Technology, and have narrow jaws that connect in tight spaces and in irregularly shaped pipes. The Job Link Flex Psychrometer Probes are designed to work anywhere, including grilles, registers, plenums, ducts, etc. The narrow tip fits in 3/8-inch holes or larger, and the long, flexible probe with sliding magnet allows easy placement on the system. This product provides real-time dry bulb, wet bulb, dew point, humidity, and enthalpy readings.

Contact: 714-634-1844;; eProduct 185

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