Company: GF Piping Systems

Product: COOL-FIT® PE Plus

Description: Ideal for food and beverage production, pharmaceutical production, refrigerated storage facilities, data centers, dairies, fruit and vegetable processors, slaughterhouses, breweries, and supermarkets, this product includes a complete range of pre-insulated pipe, fittings, valves, and hoses that efficiently convey brine, glycol, ethanol, and cooled water in temperatures from 58°F to 140°F. All surfaces are sealed and vapor tight and 100 percent UV-resistant. The system is maintenance-free and will not corrode over time. The smooth interior surface of the medium pipe prevents deposit build-ups to ensure reliability and eliminate pressure loss. Insulation on both fittings and pipe are bonded together, preventing condensation build-up between the two. The system has both insulation foam and an outer jacket manufactured at the factory, which eliminates traditional post-insulation work at the construction site and significantly reduces installation time. Use of electrofusion joining technology eliminates the need for solvent cement or VOC approvals.

Contact: 800-854-4090,, eProduct 190

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