Company: ComStar International Inc.

Product: RS-53 (R470A)

Description: With the ASHRAE designation of R470A and an A-1 certification of non-flammable and low toxicity, this product is a new, patented HFO blend with a GWP of 909 (AR5) and is zero ozone depleting. It has similar energy efficiency and cooling capacity as R410A, along with similar discharge pressure and flow rate. While its non-flammable blend is formulated to replace the current R410A refrigerant in existing R410A units without changing oils or components, it can also be used in new R410A units. Because the mass flow of RS-53 is similar to R410A, RS-53 can be used in systems with capillary, fixed orifice, and variable expansion devices of both air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Applications for RS-53 (R470A) include commercial and residential air conditioning, mini-splits, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, transport refrigeration units, chillers, and heat pumps, among others. RS-53 (R470A) joins six other RS brand refrigerants that replace R22, R404, R502, R507, and R12.

Contact: 800-328-0142,, eProduct 188

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