DALTON, Ga. — The New Flat Rate will be hosting a live, online workshop lead by Matt Koop, vice president of training and implementation, on April 9, 2020, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST.

The interactive, online course is designed for dispatchers, CSRs, and technician trainers and aims to help optimize their dispatching services by identifying target demographics, prioritizing calls, and maintaining a daily flexible schedule. The training costs $295 per company, with unlimited slots for attendees.

“At The New Flat Rate, we believe that dispatching is all about putting the man on the money,” Koop said. “In other words, it’s critical to get your service experts to the right job the first time. From identifying target customers to learning how to prioritize calls, we’ll cover the steps necessary to ensure your dispatcher understands how their role, performed correctly, can increase your business’s profit.”

Along with access to the live workshop, attendees will also receive workbook materials and recordings organized by chapter. These recordings are designed to facilitate team training and, as necessary, retraining.

“Learning and executing fluid dispatching enables you to reduce windshield time and tighten schedules while avoiding any unfortunate overbooking,” Koop said. “However, it’s not only important for the success of your business. Effective dispatching is also the difference between just okay and wow service for your customers, leading to more service plan subscribers, positive reviews, and referrals.”

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