Field service companies in industries such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and utilities management tend to struggle with similar challenges while working on the road. Managing technicians, work orders, customer data, and inventory levels becomes increasingly difficult as a company grows. Processes that may have worked when a company was smaller fail to yield the same results as the company expands. These inefficiencies often include mismanagement of inventory, wasted time searching for materials, increased accounting errors, and job scheduling bottlenecks, to name a few. As a company grows, these inefficiencies multiply to become more costly and harder to ignore.

Today a growing service company could have five trucks on the road, but how efficient will their operations be with 50 trucks on the road? Service companies that want to grow must implement technology that increases efficiency and accuracy sooner rather than later. New technology must be capable of streamlining operations for accuracy and profitability, while remaining adaptive to changing needs. Companies are advised to implement efficient processes and technologies when they are still small enough to spot inconsistencies before those processes snowball out of control.

Field service management solutions with inventory management capabilities are the ideal way for service companies to scale for growth and improve margins without sacrificing important facets of the business, such as customer satisfaction or technician autonomy. Here are some ways service businesses are using field service solutions to improve their operational processes:

Eliminating Unnecessary Paperwork

Field service solutions put business owners back in control by integrating all work orders, material usage, and invoicing into one easy system. Not only do outdated paper processes create more work for the technician and office staff, but they are responsible for costly errors and mistakes that occur with double entry. Savvy companies are also realizing that by reducing administrative time spent on back-office processes, they can move staff into supportive roles that help the company generate more revenue.

Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Technicians

By positioning themselves as a cutting-edge organization that uses technology to improve processes, companies can reap the rewards in many ways. Today’s employers often struggle to fill open positions due to the current labor shortage. Improved job completion rates and better inventory management through field service solutions enable business owners to offer employees higher earning potential and attract better qualified technicians.

Saving Money with Improved Inventory Control

In industries typically governed by fixed-rate billing, time and material costs are essential to turning a profit. Time spent searching for parts or running to a supply house for missing inventory adds up to wasted time, excessive spending, and unnecessary purchase orders. Missing inventory isn’t the only thing that impacts operations. The time spent managing the inventory needs of each technician and truck results in significant time that could be spent elsewhere. Mobile inventory control eliminates the manual process of cycle counting stock levels and triggers replenishment demands, ultimately reducing time spent procuring material.

The bottom line is field service industries once restricted to manual processes now have the capability to optimize their company’s operations, manage inventory consumption, and confidently expand their business. Don’t risk getting left behind. Consider updating and optimizing your business management operations today.

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