Company: Modine Manufacturing Company

Product: Atherion® Model MPR

Description: Designed for expanded installation flexibility and increased heating efficiency for maximized utility savings in cold northern climates, this product features new condensing/hybrid and propane heat options. The D-Cabinet natural gas heat option has been expanded to include several condensing (90-plus percent efficiency) options, as well as hybrid options. A hybrid option is a higher BTU-per-hour rated option that combines standard 81 percent efficient furnaces with condensing furnaces in a stacked configuration. This gives the advantage of condensing efficiency during all heat load conditions while only enabling the standard efficiency furnaces during peak load periods, therefore maximizing gas savings over the heating season. Some specifics on the new options include two condensing and four hybrid ratings, and high air temperature rise capability — up to 120°F — to deal with frigid northern climates. Wide system modulation ranges allow high air temperatures to capably temper very cold design outside air conditions while having significant turndown to maintain control during mild conditions.

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